BeautifulMistakes | Terms of Service

Last Updated: 5/21/11

We aren't huge fans of rules; all the same, here are the rules we came up with

We donít own anything that you submit to us. By uploading your work, you are simply allowing us to A) display it and B) use it for activities that do not bring us any money.

We will ALWAYS contact you to gain your permission before using your work in ANY other way. Most likely, this would be us asking for your permission to showcase your work in the magazine, or on a flyer.

We aren't responsible for stealing. Namely, if some jerk decides to rip your stuff off the site and sell a bunch of tee-shirts. Though we'd love to go kick their ass(es) for you, we just don't have the funds to sic the lawyers on them.

If you choose to submit your work to us, you are claiming ownership/publishing rights to whatever is sent in. That said, if we are contacted by any other party with evidence that they are the rightful owner of your work, we will take the disputed content down. Seriously, we don't have the bankroll to fight any legal battles over copyrighted work, so just try not to accidentally upload a dvd rip of Back to the Future (or whatever) as a student film.

We DO NOT give out your information, nor will we EVER sell it. We value the ability to be able to reach you personally if the need arises and donít ever want to abuse that relationship by helping spammers and salesmen clog your inbox. Unless you specifically tell us to, we will not even allow other users to send you messages through the site.

We strive to NOT censor your work. This site is dedicated to art and we believe in freedom of speech and expression in all forms it can take Ė thatís why you will not see any advertisements on the site; we donít want to even suggest the idea that a company could pay us enough to control what we display or say here. THAT SAID, we will not allow anything illegal, distasteful or abusive in our gallery. We review everything that is submitted before it is posted and if we deem your submission as inappropriate we will not publish it (we will contact you to inform you about our decision, though.)

As above, we try not to censor any type of speech on the site, but we will not allow any type of hatred or abuse in the gallery, nor in the comment areas. Anything deemed as abusive by our moderators will simply be removed without notice.

For now, that is all. We will alert you to any changes in these terms.